Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Watchmen - viral activity and Jonathan Ross reviewing Watchmen on Twitter

Watchmen is soon to open in UK cinemas and there is various viral activity in support of the Watchmen opening - even a viral hub that offers all the viral assets and easy embedding.

There is the obligatory YouTube trailer:

Watchmen trailer on YouTube

but there are other things too. I thought the Watchmen video game was fun (even though I have had to trim the window to fit it in here):

Watchmen 'viral' arcade game

But what looks like one of the most effective bits of viral promotion has actually come from an unofficial source - Jonathan Ross twittering about Watchmen after attending the premiere! Wossy's 118,526 followers were given the low down on Watchmen including this:

Jonathan Ross Wossy Watchmen TwitterJonathan Ross reviews Watchmen on Twitter

The Dark Knight set the bar for viral pre-release activity and I'm not sure anyone will ever equal it. However, the social landscape is changing quickly and Wossy's pro-Watchmen Twittering (to a huge following) is a good example of how social media activity can amplify an event.

Film premieres have traditionally been about red carpets and glamour pap pictures for the following days' papers - as we go forward could Twitterers and live bloggers become more useful (to movie marketers) than glamour models and C-list celebs?!

Hat tip: Digital Examples for a full review of Wossy's tweets

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