Monday, 23 March 2009

@cnnbrk adds 341,544 followers in a month and becomes most followed Twitter account

@cnnbrk (CNN breaking news) has become the most followed Twitter account with 614,003 followers - gaining 341,544 followers in just a month.

Clearly Twitter is growing quickly - but if anyone knows the specific reasons behind this account growing so much please leave answers in the comments below!

CNNBrk Twitter ranking@CNNbrk Twitter growth stats from (click for larger image)

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MoscowBob said...

I was banking on the Facebook / Inauguration broadcast as the answer but that's only a direct 108,000 fans - though with great additional exposure (Most recent post has over 1,000 Likes for their last post).

Then Youtube channel - 2,000 videos uploaded, but strangely no mention of Twitter account... But as they seem to be relying on Twitter for their recent breaking news, maybe they're actively recruiting the followers of news Tweets??