Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Facebook usage statistics by country - March 2009

I have been periodically tracking Facebook usage statistics by country and the latest figures for March 2009 show increases across the board.

NEW - Dec 31st 2011 - Latest Facebook usage statistics by country
NEW - June 2009 - List of the top 30 largest Facebook Fan Pages
- Not many changes in position for the top countries by Facebook usage (though numbers are increasing significantly), but further down the list there have been a number of developments

- Facebook usage in Asia is increasing quickly with both Indonesia and Malaysia showing significant increases in Facebook use

- In South America Facebook usage is still climbing, with Colombia now leading the way, but also jumps in Facebook usage in Venezuela, Argentina and Chile

- In the battle of the Nordics, the number of Facebook users in Sweden has overtaken the number of Facebook users in Denmark - though Denmark has the world's highest Facebook penetration with around 2/3 of the Danish population classified as active Facebook users

There are now 27 countries with over 1 million people using Facebook. Here are the latest statistics for March 2009 (taken from the Facebook interface):

CountryFacebook users 30/12/08Facebook users 17/03/09% growth Dec 08 - Mar 09
Hong Kong1,458,5201,683,98015.5%
South Africa920,2001,227,22033.4%

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Oleksandr Shturmov said...

Do you have a source on these statistics?

Nick Burcher said...

They were pulled from the Facebook advertising interface - so numbers are provided by Facebook.

Anonymous said...

Can you provide a link with these statistic?

Anonymous said...

Hm... 2 million out of 5.5 million isn't anywhere near 2/3. But in any case, it's really interesting reading. It'd be even more interesting if you would recalculate the penetration for the different countries - making a rough estimate in my head isn't quite the same as seeing all the numbers listed.

Nick Burcher said...

Good point - for some reason I had the figure of 3 million in my head for the size of the Danish population.

At some point I did actually work out Facebook use by percentage of population.

I will update the Denmark statistic here and will post population penetration here soon.

The Panelbeater said...

Your Facebook stats are an eye-opener, Nick. The importance of IT social networking in helping developing countries in Africa out of the swamp of pervasive backwardness cannot be overstated. It is only through continental mass enlightenment that the power of despots can be broken, the rule of law established and sustained and the safety and prosperity of people, fauna, flora and fragile eco-systems be guaranteed. Strength to your bandwidth.

Anonymous said...

could you please providea link for the statistics? That will be most welcome

Nick Burcher said...

Stats are taken from Facebook's interface so there is no direct link that I can point you to.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Do you have the figures for Singapore? Thank you!

Nick Burcher said...

Singapore also has over 1 million Facebook users now. Today's figure for total active Facebook users in Singapore is 1,103,260.

Marty Bennett said...

Any updates coming from you, Nick, about Facebook crossing the 200 million threshhold?

Nick Burcher said...

I have just posted Facebook penetration by percentage of population with details for 60 countries - here

Tom M said...

I know the headcounts are up, but I wonder if users are spending less time posting and reading other people's posts.

Anonymous said...

How much actual truth is there in these numbers though? They're provided by Facebook themselves which surely could mean an abusive increase in percentages with advertisement revenue in mind? A point to consider?!

Fian said...

wow indonesia 120+ %

im an indonesian myself and i could assure you that this is happening in indonesia. It has been a facebook frenzy here.

While a few months ago many people still use friendster (i also). we quickly turn to facebook for it is much more fun to use.

And i'm not surprise with a significant decrease of net fare and mobile-net that we had recently,(plus our 220 milion population) we could be in 5th biggest in no time.

Armen Sarvar said...

I don't know if you are aware of this, but Iran's government had banned facebook & youtube in recent years,but suddenly from February 2009 people were able to reach those two and the amount of the users boosted up. Do you have any idea how many people are using facebook in Iran before and after the bann? Do you know why do they take off the ban?

Desi Vanrintel said...

You should also include a comparison to the total number of internet user. you will see that a very large number of people are not even online, and it gives you a clearer view where the most potential would be

stamatios giannikis said...

Could you please post numbers for Latvia?

rosie said...

This is revealing.Any way to get info on Facebook usage via US States?
Thanks for your analysis

Nick Burcher said...

When I did these figures Facebook were reporting Latvia Facebook users as 'less than 20' I will check again and update the comments here.

Rosie - I looked at US Facebook usage by state last year. Will post on this again soon!

Unknown said...

Hi Nick
Can you tell me exactly where in Facebbok did these figures come to.
I am looking for the figures for Ireland.
Enjoying your updates...

Nick Burcher said...

Stamatios - Facebook are now showing Latvia at 30,120 active users

Mark - Facebook are showing Ireland to have 753,560 active users (though obviously remember that Bebo has traditionally been the largest social network and will still have a sizeable user base.)

Unknown said...

Hi, Nick!
Do you know by chance the statistics of who is using Facebook the most(i.e. Teens, housewives, adult men)?

Author said...

These stats are misleading.

Most people I know that are on facebook never use it, and those that do only use it as a replacement to email. All the other so called benefits aren't being utilised any more.

Facebook is dying a death. I left a few weeks ago and requested that my account be deleted as I decided to get a life!

Anonymous said...

jeeeesus calm down some of us lıke facebook doesnt mean we dont have lıves maybe means we lıke to share them wıth people we otherwıse wouldnt get to speak to as much. you dont have to go on facebook everyday for ıt to be a useful thıng to be part of, two of my mums good frıends moved to portugal and to phone them would cost her the earth so ı made her a facebook and now she goes on there occasıonaly to talk to them. faır enough ıf you got bored of facebook just dont sneer at us that stıll love ıt!

gautam said...


now these figures are saying different... can u give me the source of ur figures... now dont say that u pulled from the Facebook advertising interface...

Nick Burcher said...

Gautam - I periodically pull figures from the Facebook interface and post them, but the Facebook interface updates regularly, therefore the figures change. The figures posted here are from March, Techcrunch article you highlight is more recent - hence the difference. I have posted more up to date figures on later posts.

Anonymous said...

Any figure for Myanmar(Burma)?

Facebook statistics by Facebakers.com said...

Also you can find more fresh statistics on http://www.facebakers.com - also in time, but updated every day.

ishzz said...

hi Nick, its great to know such statistics.u are doing great job.
can you please provide the facebook user statistics for Nepal.
thank you
have good weekend.
and befor i leave one Q
who has more fans Michael jackson or Barrack Obama?

Nick Burcher said...

No figures for Burma or Nepal

Michael Jackson now has (significantly) more fans than Barack Obama.

I have just posted the latest Facebook usage figures for Dec 31st 2009 here

jimloveuk said...

Does anyone have stats on average usage of facebook per user - probably logins per day/page views per day that sort of thing.

My theory is that everyone wants to be on it but actual average time spent using it is falling.

usmefarma said...

Colombia is the first latin country on FACEBOOK..I like that...

Nick Burcher said...

I have just posted the latest Facebook Usage statistics by country for July 2010 figures are compared to July 2009 and July 2008.

Please leave all questions about other countries on this new post.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nick,
I would like to have the number of Facebook users in Mauritius, the statistics for 2008 and 2009 and compared to 2010 as at Sept 2010.

Also, can I please have the position of Mauritius among African countries, and subsequently worldwide.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

I just did a unit in school on the world war 2 and how Denmark and Germany fought and how poor the danish peeps were so its just kinda funny thinking that danish people have facebook

Unknown said...

We've been diligently following - correction, trying to follow - your statistical updates this year because they are very interesting and enlightening.

But why have there been no NEW updates (bit of an oxymoron, I guess) since MARCH?

Nick Burcher said...

Latest Facebook usage statistics for December 31st 2010 here: Facebook usage statistics December 31st 2010

Anonymous said...

hi.. for Philippines please???

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Anonymous said...


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Nick B said...

Latest Facebook usage statistics by country now published here (April 2011)

Sarah said...

Hi Nick,

Can you tell me how many countries are now using Facebook?

Thanks for your great work!


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