Thursday, 19 March 2009

Google Streetview UK launches today - looking at Banksy's and recreating album covers

Google Streetview has launched in the UK today. According to Brand Republic the launch has been partnered by Visit Britain,, the Mayor of London and the Tate. are already embedding Streetview into their site so that house buyers can get more of a feel for an area, whilst Google are serving local ads alongside results.

Streetview could have a range of other practical uses for businesses, but for now I thought I would explore and see what I could find. Already bloggers are screengrabbing images (Digital Examples with a bookshop, Rick offering Carrow Road and Alex showing the Gherkin) - I have checked our house and office, but thought the following would be more interesting.

Using Google Streetview to re-create album covers:

Oasis 'What's the Story Morning Glory' - Berwick Street, London

Oasis What's The Story Morning GloryOasis original album cover

Google Streetview Oasis Morning Glory
Oasis album cover re-created with Google Streetview

Beatles - Abbey Road

Beatles Abbey Road coverBeatles - 'Abbey Road' original album cover

Google Streetview Beatles Abbey RoadAbbey Road cover re-created with Google Streetview

It's also possible to use Google Streetview for Banksy spotting:

Banksy on Newman Street

Banksy Newman Street greyBanksy on Newman Street (painted over by the Post Office rather than the Gray Ghost)

Streetview Newman Street BanksyBanksy on Newman Street immortalised by Google Streetview

Banksy's 'Maid in Camden':

Streetview Banksy Maid in CamdenBanksy's Maid in Camden in Google Streetview

Streetview Maid in Camden photographerBanksy's Maid in Camden with photographer caught by Google Streetview (!)

Google Streetview seems to cover all the main roads in London (and only misses out small / residential roads), people are blurred enough so as to be unrecognisable and I can't find any evidence of readable car number plates.

I think this is an amazing way of bringing maps to life and will have many uses for both businesses and consumers. I guess the only question now is how Google monetise their investment.......

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Rick Lamb said...

I instantly thought of trying to find a Banksy, but the first one I thought of was at Old Street and was painted over ages ago.

Love the album covers idea.

Nick Burcher said...

The Streets have an album featuring flats on the Hackney Road on the cover but I can't find them on Streetview.

The only other cover I could think of was Wonderwall on Primrose Hill but the Streetview Car doesn't seem to have done much off-road driving through Royal Parks.

(Also the find Banksy's idea has been somewhat soiled now I have noticed that the Daily Mail have also shown this in their Streetview review.)

drkatestone said...,+Tower+Hamlets,+London+E2,+United+Kingdom&sll=53.800651,-4.064941&sspn=12.948388,39.506836&ie=UTF8&cd=1&geocode=FQJBEgMdUQn__w&split=0&ll=51.527956,-0.063794&spn=0.006648,0.01929&t=h&z=16&layer=c&cbll=51.527952,-0.063941&panoid=uXeqKCTAVJkiLam-HBMhHg&cbp=12,15.33,,1,-5.35