Monday, 30 March 2009

Masters degree in social media at Birmingham City University

Birmingham City University is launching a Masters Degree course in social media. The MA Social Media course will launch this September.

The course aims to "explore the techniques of social media, consider the development and direction of social media as a creative industry, and will contribute new research and knowledge to the field."

MA in social mediaMA in Social Media - "is it MA Facebook-ology?"

The MA in Social Media is featured on the Birmingham City University website here and is explained further in a Vimeo video here:

An interesting dilemma here though - the MA aims to enable people to become 'social media consultants' and equip them to be able to 'contribute to the development of the social media industry.' However, this is clearly defining social media as a channel and an industry, whereas a number of prominent voices, like Jaffe Juice's recent AdAge article, are starting to argue that social only really works as part of existing channels and processes.

If being social is more about the 'thinking' rather than the 'media', can you really become a 'social expert' if you haven't been exposed to the bigger media picture? Or will a social media qualification be more useful than a general marketing qualification?


Alex Smith said...

It was funny you should post this, yesterday I saw again the 'Did You Know?' video which has re-entered the Viral Video Charts, which comments on the fact that:

The top 10 in-demand jobs in 2010 would not have existed in 2004, and we are preparing our children for jobs which do not yet exist!

Personally I do not think the basics will ever become redundant, as 'social' can not survive on its own (yet, lol).

Nick Burcher said...

"we are preparing our children for jobs which do not yet exist" - that's a mind blowing thought. I think I'll be using this quote again!