Saturday, 28 March 2009

#primeval - ITV's social media (Twitter) experiment for the season premiere of Primeval

ITV launched the new series of Primeval in the UK tonight and amplified the Primeval TV broadcast online. ITV ran a Primeval simulcast through the ITV website, promoted a #primeval Twitter hash tag and then incorporated the #primeval Twitter feed into the online viewing page.

Primeval Twitter promotionPrimeval Twitter event promoted on

Social TV is developing and this Primeval activity is the most prominent example of a UK broadcaster incorporating social streams into their mainstream TV schedule. We have seen live blogs develop around TV shows (particularly shows that have a voting mechanism), CBS developing 'social viewing rooms', CNN using Twitter for live feedback, Facebook socialising CNN's live coverage of the inauguration speech and Sky News appointing Ruth Barnett as their 'Twitter correspondent.'

So did the Primeval socialisation work?

It's too early for Primeval TV viewer numbers, but it is possible to analyse the Twitter coverage. @itvprimeval promoted the Twitter event and kept in touch with people as things progressed:

itvprimeval Twitter account@itvprimeval announcing that the live tv stream is up and running

The #primeval Twitter stream was shown on the main Twitter window and was also embedded on the Primeval homepage:

Primeval Twitter stream on Twitter stream embedded on the Primeval homepage

All of this Primeval activity turned #primeval into a global trending topic on Twitter (with over 50 pages of Twitter Search results):

primeval global trend on Twitter#primeval as a global trend on Twitter

and the #primeval hash tag even attracted spam:

Primeval spamSpam on the #primeval Twitter hashtag

An interesting experiment and anecdotally some good results - I will be looking out for further developments and think this sort of thing could be really effective around major sporting occasions.

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Robin Grant said...

Hey Nick

Not sure if you saw the ITV's comments on this?

Anonymous said...

Sorry if this is off topic, but did anyone catch this release this week? Thought it might be of interest to all prehistoric fans.


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Lana Wood, a former Playboy centerfold, has an extensive career in the movies, and wrote a best-selling memoir about her late sister, actress Natalie Wood, back in 1986. She contacted Steve Alten a year ago and asked him to make her a character in his new MEG book, the fourth and best story in the series.

In his review of Hell’s Aquarium, Steve Donoghue, Managing Editor of Open Letters Monthly states, “Alten writes the whole thing in hyperkinetic present tense, with turns and twists in every scene until it squeaks…there’s a scene late in the book involving a shark autopsy that any thriller-writer would give a tonsil to have thought up! The whole thing fizzes with the kind of fun delirium only the most effective giant killer shark novels dare to attempt.”