Tuesday, 31 March 2009

QR code short story competition

Through Twitter people are getting used to communicating in 140 characters or less, but can you tell a story in 100 characters or less - and how would this look as a mobile phone QR code?

Last year QRcode.es ran a QR tales story competition, where people created short stories in QR code format. (QR codes are essentially bar codes for mobile phones, you point your phone at the code and if it has the right technology it will interpret this code as text or a web address.)

In 2008 332 tales were submitted from more than 15 different countries. The entries were showcased in an online gallery and hard formats were displayed in an outdoor exhibition:

QR tales 2008 outdoor exhibitionQR tales - 2008 outdoor gallery

The QR tales competition has now been brought back for a second installment and anyone can enter their 100 character story and get it changed into a QR code - website is here:

QR tales 2009 second editionQR tales 2009 - second edition!

The site is in English, simple to use and another example of how versatile QR codes can be!

Here is my entry. You need to point a mobile at it to find out what I have written - and apologies for those of you who have no idea what this is about!
My entry to QR tales 2009My entry to the QR code short story competition

Hat tip 2dcode

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Tracey said...

Thanks for posting this. I stumbled across it and did my own to enter the competition. My iPhone can't read it so i have no idea if mine actually says what i meant it to say. Of course, i can't read yours either so I'm just hoping it's not too much better than mine ;)

Nick Burcher said...

N95 has a QR code reader built in so very easy to decode these - though I think yours was far more creative than my attempt!