Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Twitter demographics and usage statistics - data from Compete, Hitwise, Quantcast, Nielsen and Twitterholic

New - Twitter demographics and usage statistics here

Twitter are notoriously guarded about user information and Twitter usage statistics. In August 2008 I wrote about the Twitter usage figures and Twitter demographics that were available - data from Hitwise and Compete.

As Twitter has grown there is more information available - yet still nothing from Twitter officially and statistics generally do not take account of usage of Twitter tools like Tweetdeck and Twhirl.

I have collated various data sources showing Twitter usage and Twitter demographics below. Twitter data from Compete, Quantcast, Hitwise, Nielsen and Twitterholic:

1) Quantcast Twitter usage and Twitter demographic figures

Quantcast Twitter dataQuantcast Twitter traffic data (click for larger image)

Quantcast Twitter demographic dataQuantcast Twitter demographic / lifestyle data (click for larger image)

2) Hitwise Twitter usage data

Hitwise year on year Twitter usageHitwise data for UK Twitter growth Jan 08 - Jan 09

Twitter 2009 UK growthHitwise data for UK Twitter growth Jan 09 - Feb 09

3) Compete Twitter usage data

Compete Twitter dataCompete figures for Twitter traffic and Twitter Search Traffic (click for larger image)

4) Nielsen Twitter usage and demographic data

Nielsen Twitter usageNielsen Twitter usage increase Feb 08 to Feb 09

5) Top 25 most followed Twitter users

Most followed Twitter usersTop 25 Twitter users according to Twitterholic (click for larger image)

So all the surveys show Twitter traffic increasing substantially. The interesting piece is how the different data sources disagree around demographics. In Aug 08 Hitwise claimed the Twitter audience was mainly middle aged men, whereas Compete data showed it was predominantly a young audience. The same disparity can be seen above with Nielsen showing that middle aged (unique) users 35+ are the dominant user segment, whereas Quantcast are indicating that younger users are dominant.

People access Twitter in different ways (mobile, web, apps) and until Twitter publish official data then the above is the main information we have to work with.

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Dan said...

Good post!

The other thing with twitter is that anyone can view a user's posts (generally speaking), so people reading about Stephen Fry and twitter, for example, can see his tweets without signing in. This means that in many respects the number of visitors to twitter is not that useful, especially as there is no advertising.

I use these figures for the number of active accounts - http://twittercounter.com/ counts 1,806,552 accounts (figures at the bottom of the page).

Anonymous said...

it would be great to get details by country too!

Gale Petersen said...

So, do these stats not include tweets that came from those using Tweetdeck, Twhirl? That is how almost all of those I follow use Twitter.

And thanks for the info!

Faz said...

I appreciate the research you've done thus far regarding Twitter's usage stats. Is there a good website that you can recommend with the latest Twitter global usage stats (web and API)? Just can't find reliable sources with up to date info :-( Thanks.

Nick Burcher said...

Hi Faz, This is the issue! Various data companies are releasing Twitter stats but they are all based on web traffic only. A Twitter engineer recently told the Guardian that 80% of Twitter use is from mobile / apps, so the only way I can think of getting a true number is to take the usage stats from survey companies and then factor them up to include the missing 80% (though obviously this is a finger in the air way of doing things!)

Hope this helps, Nick

Unknown said...

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