Friday, 27 March 2009

Visit Denmark - make your own Lego film

Great piece of work by Visit Denmark - make your own Lego film!

Color Line, Legoland and Visit Denmark have clubbed together to create a video based tourism site. The site shows a film based around Lego characters, but also allows users to create their own. These user created Lego films can then be uploaded to a gallery or easily shared through Facebook, blogs etc.

Users can name their film, their characters and choose from a wide range of clips, assembling them in any order that they like. The dialogue in these clips can be edited to whatever the user chooses with previews / playback available throughout the creation process.

Visit Denmark Lego filmExperimenting with the Denmark tourism create your own Lego film

This is fun, engaging, and most importantly, instinctive and easy to use. Even though everything is in Danish (which I don't speak), I have managed to use the tools to create a quick film of my own - no greater testament to usability than the ability to use site functionality in a language you don't speak!

We have seen the 'Best Job In The World' from Australia tourism, we now have 'create your own Lego film' from Denmark - I wonder where the next great example will come from?

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