Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Ann Summers run Google ads for the Budget - 'no recession in pleasure'!

Today is Budget day in the UK. This afternoon the Chancellor will stand up and announce government spending plans for the next financial year.

The Guardian reported that the Conservative party are running Google paid search ads around budget / economy searches today. However, when I went to look something else caught my eye - Ann Summers buying political keywords on Google!

A search for 'Budget 2009' on reveals a number of ads. The Conservatives offering 'our view' in position 2, but in position 5 on Ann Summers adult shop are running a paid search ad.

Search for 'Budget 2009' showing Ann Summers search result in number 5 (click for larger image)

A Google search for 'Gordon Brown'again reveals an ad for the Conservative party. It's still in position 2, but follows the ad for Ann Summers:

Search for 'Gordon Brown' showing Ann Summers search result in top position (click for larger image)

The ad for Ann Summers is clearly tongue in cheek and meant as a bit of fun, but given that it points to a home page that features sex toys, skimpily clad ladies and slogans such as 'if you love someone tie them up' is this something Google should be allowing?

Ann Summers Google budget ad - 'There is no recession in pleasure! Invest in Fun with Ann Summers'

Harmless fun or highlighting adult pursuits to an unrestricted, afternoon audience?


MadMenMedia said...

I like this - creative thinking.

Anonymous said...

The creative genius behind this little bit of light "relief" from the budget is iCrossing.