Monday, 27 April 2009

Gary Go iPhone performer and Apple say 'thanks a billion'

Apple are running iPhone ads in UK newspapers to say 'thanks a billion' for the fact that over a billion [app] downloads have been made in 'just nine months.'

Apple iPhone Apps thanks a billion newspaper adiPhone Apps 'thanks a billion' UK press ad

These billion downloads illustrate the extent to which iPhone has turned not just the mobile industry on its head, but also the landscape for software too. As John Naughton says in this week's Observer:

"Many iPhone apps are trivial little programs, some are staggeringly clever, some very useful, a few are simply beautiful. But the key thing is that they're changing our concept of computer software. Once we thought of it as disks in shrink-wrapped boxes costing from £50 to £2,500 that you ran on a PC. The billion downloads from the App Store suggest those days are ending. Future generations will see software as something that is downloadable and cheap - and that runs on your phone."

In today's papers another story brings the versatility of the iPhone to life - musician Gary Go uses his iPhone to create his own music and is starting to perform live.

Gary Go one man and his iPhoneGary Go - 'One Man and his iPhone'

Gary Go used only iPhone apps to remix his song 'SuperFuture' and will demonstrate how he did it, before performing the song live at the Apple Store in Regent St (London) tomorrow.

Gary Go Apple Store Regent StGary Go to perform at Apple Store on Regent St, April 28th 7.00pm

Gary Go has also been confirmed as the support act for Take That's UK summer stadium store raising the prospect of a musician performing on the UK's biggest stage with instrumentation provided through an iPhone app, or as London Lite puts it tonight:

Gary Go Wembley stadium iPhone gigGary Go: 'Wembley gig that will be on an iPhone'

Mobile apps and 'always on' mobile internet have changed the way that consumers are using mobile phones and a stadium performance using an iPhone is probably the most visual demonstration of app versatility to date!

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