Thursday, 16 April 2009

#LRNY - Land Rover promote Twitter hash tag in their advertising

When we launched VivaKi REAL Social for EMEA we promoted the event with a Twitter hash tag #REALsocial. This was a great success and in the REAL Social wrap up I wondered if Twitter hashtags could replace the 'AOL keyword' or the 'Search on Google for.....' credits at the bottom of posters? Well a major brand has now done this - doubtful that it's my influence, but very interesting all the same!

Land Rover #LRNY Twitter hash tagLand Rover banner ad promoting Twitter hash tag #LRNY

Land Rover are advertising the Twitter hash tag #LRNY to stimulate conversation around the new Land Rover vehicles that are being unveiled at the New York Motor Show. The Land Rover Twitter hash tag is being promoted through both traditional media and online (including social ads such as the service offered by Twittad.)

Land Rover #LRNY Twitter promotionLand Rover promoting Twitter hash tag and Twitter Search

Land Rover are also encouraging people to use Twitter Search to track conversations that are happening under the #LRNY tag.

I think this is interesting and a sign of things to come. I like the way that this advertising is not telling people what to say, it's more about telling people how to frame comments and how to find what other people think - therefore not just creating a deeper engagement with fans, but also helping them to connect with each other too. (via Brandflakes for Breakfast)

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