Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Reevoo.com's Feel-Like-Love machine - real time reviews as distributed content

A significant aspect of Social Thinking is the idea of distributed content - don't make your customers come to you, go on a kind of 'virtual roadtrip' and take your content to them. The other growing concept is the idea of real time social information - 'what are you doing right now?'

Reevoo.com (product review site) are exploring these social trends through the launch of a real time reviews platform that they are calling the Feel-Like-Love machine. The idea is based on a Twitter visualisation called Twistori and aims to show scrolling customer product reviews in real time.

The Feel-Like-Love machine can be embedded anywhere on the internet and clicking on a review takes you to the main Reevoo.com site for further product information and customer reviews.

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Reevoo.com's Feel-Like-Love machine

Reviews can be filtered using the terms 'Feel', 'Like', 'Love' or 'Hate' and there is also an adult product version of the Feel-Like-Love machine.

I don't know how many people will sit watching this for purchase inspiration, but the Feel-Like-Love machine is a nice example of distributing content outside of the boundaries of the traditional site.

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