Thursday, 16 April 2009

Susan Boyle internet sensation! Britains Got Talent performance goes viral

Susan Boyle appeared on the first edition of the new series of Britain's Got Talent and 5 days on from her performance she is a worldwide, internet phenomenon! Whilst this is all about an unknown singer becoming a global celebrity, it also offers a blueprint in using social media to amplify broadcast activity.

This is how Susan Boyle went viral:

- 9th April - no-one has heard of Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle no results on Twitter'Susan Boyle' - no Twitter results up to 2009-04-09

- 11th April - Susan Boyle appears on Britain's Got Talent and performs 'I Dreamed A Dream' from Les Miserables. The judges are blown away and the show attracts 10.3 million viewers.

- 11th April - Susan Boyle's performance is uploaded (unofficially) to YouTube:

Susan Boyle on YouTubescreenshot of Susan Boyle on YouTube

- 11th April - Susan Boyle's YouTube performance Dugg by Jenocide312:

Susan Boyle on DiggSusan Boyle's YouTube video is Dugg

- 11th April - Ashton Kutcher highlights the Susan Boyle Digg link through his @aplusk Twitter account

Susan Boyle tweeted by Ashton KutcherAshton Kutcher tweets the Susan Boyle Digg link

- 11th April - Demi Moore retweets the @aplusk Susan Boyle tweet

Susan Boyle retweeted by Demi MooreDemi Moore retweets Ashton Kutcher's Susan Boyle tweet

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore's tweets have been retweeted again and again and 'Susan Boyle' has consistently been a Twitter trending topic ever since - over 1500 tweets featuring 'Susan Boyle' today and 'Susan Boyle' is currently the number one global Twitter Trend.

Susan Boyle Global Twitter Trend'Susan Boyle' number one Twitter trend

The Susan Boyle YouTube count is rising quickly (over 11 million views on one film + many other versions getting high view counts), the original Digg story has been Dugg over 6000 times and Susan Boyle Facebook Groups and Fan Pages are getting high volumes of activity.

Susan Boyle on FacebookA selection of the Susan Boyle Facebook Fan Pages and Groups

As a result of all of this mainstream media are covering this story. Susan Boyle has been featured on the BBC, CNN and many other places - Susan Boyle is even appearing on the CBS early show this morning, performing live from her kitchen in Scotland!

What starts out as an appearance on a TV talent show, goes into social media channels and then comes back into mainstream media as a result of all the social attention.

People are demanding a Susan Boyle album is released now. This illustrates how social channels are able to not just amplify broadcast content, but can also move things along very quickly. Britains Got Talent is running across a number of weeks, but social media users may well have decided the winner already - and they don't want to wait.

This is a great lesson for social strategy and really shows that if you have the right content and get it in front of the right influencers then the results can be instant and enormous.

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nebben said...

Here's why I think we love Susan.

Anonymous said...

Also making the news 2 days in a row in Sydney, Australia - including the interview from her kitchen. Same appeal as Paul Potts but he didn't have the twitter advantage