Monday, 20 April 2009 - sheep star in TV ad and also used as mobile billboards have a new TV ad featuring sheep and have furthered the message by using real sheep for outdoor advertising. The ad is to promote buying online train tickets in advance and claims this can save 43% vs on the day train ticket purchases (via Brand Republic.) TV ad was filmed in Wellington, New Zealand. No CGI was used, just 40 sheep who were trained to perform. The ad is promoted on website and is hosted on YouTube:

To further enhance the message have a sheep to human morph (again on YouTube):

and are promoting the 43% message by using actual sheep in a field alongside the Reading trainline: - outdoor advertising on sheep

with a full news report on the 'Lambient media' on YouTube here:

After Meerkats and other animals have helped create buzz this year, this is another example of putting a friendly animal face at the centre of a creative proposition and then building the message around it. The sheep billboards are then a clever way of amplifying the idea - 'Sheep as billboards' is always going to create more impact than 'save 43% by booking in advance.'

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