Wednesday, 15 April 2009

User generated flavour competitions - Walkers, Dorito's, Jelly Belly and now Ben & Jerry's!

All slight variants on a theme, but user generated flavour marketing seems to be the big thing at the moment. Walker's Crisps are in the final stages of their 'Do Us A Flavour' campaign in the UK, Dorito's are about to announce the winner of their name the flavour competition in Canada, Jelly Belly ran a 'what's your favourite flavour' competition and Ben & Jerry's have just launched a global 'Do The World A Flavour' campaign.

1) Walkers 'Do Us A Flavour'

Walkers Crisps 'Do Us A Flavour' competition is a long running, multi-faceted promotion. First there was a competition for consumers to submit their own flavour and a shortlist of 6 flavours was drawn up and put into production. The public can now vote for their short-list favourite and the creator of the winning flavour will win £50,000 + 1% of the future sales of their flavour.

Walkers Do Us A FlavourWalker's User Generated Flavour shortlist (click for larger image)

2) Become the Dorito's Guru competition

In Canada Dorito's have been running a competition called Become The Dorito's Guru and have been selling packets of Dorito's marked with 'Unidentified flavour'. Consumers have been offered the chance to name the flavour and upload a short film about what inspired them to choose the name. "The Doritos® Guru will then have their idea turned into a polished 30-second ad to be aired on for-real TV, see their flavour name emblazoned on the bag and of course, take home $25k and 1% of future net sales of this flavour name in Canada."

Doritos Unidentified FlavourDorito's 'Unidentified Flavour' packets

Doritos Become The Guru prize'Become the Dorito's Guru' prize

3) Jelly Belly 'What's Your Favourite Flavour?'

In January 2009 Jelly Belly launched a Flavour competition to win a trip to New York - users just had to name their favourite and least favourite Jelly Belly flavour.

Jelly Belly flavour competitionJelly Belly Flavour competition

4) Ben & Jerry's 'Do the World A Flavour' competition

Running across 14 countries, Ben & Jerry's have launched a competition giving the public the chance to 'concoct the latest and greatest Fairtrade certified [ice-cream] flavour.' Then 'one winner from every participating country will travel to the Dominican Republic to witness the benefits of Fairtrade on a cocoa farm, alongside Ben, Jerry and our flavour gurus. The grand prize winner will see their idea transformed into Ben & Jerry's 2010 worldwide flavour.'

Ben Jerrys Do The World A Flavour competitionBen & Jerry's 'Do The World A Flavour' competition (click for larger image)

Can you spot the theme? Are there any more examples for this list?

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