Friday, 10 April 2009

Wedding tie advertising - Tudor Ciora sells ad space on his tie

A groom from Sibiu, Romania is trying to raise money by selling wedding tie advertising space. Tudor Ciora, is selling space on his groom's tie through a website at and hopes to raise enough money to be able to buy a car for his new wife.

Cravatamea wedding tie home page with details of wedding tie advertising slots (click for larger image)

The website says "as we have nothing but each other, we decided to sell a small part of what is only ours: our wedding." Wedding tie advertising is priced per square centimetre and prices vary depending which part of the tie they are on - ranging from €10 per sq cm for advertising on the lower part of the tie, up to €20 per sq cm for advertising on the top part of the wedding tie.

The wedding tie advertising idea is a similar principle to the million dollar homepage, where each pixel on the homepage was sold for $1 to produce a vast amalgamation of logos and links:

million dollar homepageMillion dollar homepage (click for larger image)

Always interesting to see online ideas transferred into offline world and million dollar homepage replicated on a groom's wedding tie is perhaps the most random yet!

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