Friday, 24 April 2009

What is RSS? My contribution to the #smgps Social Media Tweet-Book

@tobydiva has been compiling 'Social Media GPS' - a Tweet-book made up of interviews and comments sourced through Twitter.

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I contributed to chapter 6 with comments about RSS. I tweeted my thoughts and appended them with the hash tag #smgps. @tobydiva then picked them up and added them to the Tweet-book.

Nick Burcher tweet-book thoughtsMy thoughts on the Tweet Book #smgps website

Nick Burcher tweet book on TwitterHow they looked on Twitter (click for larger image)

My tweets on RSS for #smgps in full:

Easiest way to get your head around RSS and feeds is to think in terms of traditional radio #smgps (1)

RSS makes your central content point (website, blog etc) like a radio station, with RSS broadcasting a virtual signal (aka a feed) 2 #smgps

People can then tune in to this RSS data signal and receive your RSS broadcast - often 'subscribing' to it for regular updates 3 #smgps

The RSS receiver is software - either a standalone 'Feed Reader' like Google Reader or built into something like a blog or Facebook 4 #smgps

RSS signal is received wherever the 'listener' chooses – allowing content to be easily syndicated + picked up in multiple locations 5 #smgps

RSS is therefore technological backbone of social media, allowing people to consume content wherever they want, whenever they want 6 #smgps

RSS enables marketers to easily distribute content to multiple locations - Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter, other sites, email etc 7 #smgps

People want to receive /share things. Marketers can use RSS to syndicate messages into different platforms and environments 8 #smgps

Highlight the RSS feed with the standard orange RSS graphic and make it easy for people to subscribe - and promote the feed!!! 9 #smgps

SM strategy suits lots of little rather than one big hit – take content to the consumer but use RSS to tie it all together 10 #smgps

#smgps is an interesting experiment in crowdsourcing, though it's tough to construct thoughts into 140 character snippets of information. My jury is still out on whether this method of publishing is particularly viable, but having said that I enjoyed adding my thoughts to the debate!

The book has some great contributors and has some interesting info on a range of SM topics - have a look at Social Media GPS here.

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Toby said...

Nick -

Thanks for joining me (and the SM Twitter community!) in this adventure of writing the first business book using Twitter as the platform and distribution channel. Your tweet-interview is of great value. The feedback I'm getting is that the Twitter-book is a great resource of bite-size information. Someone else called it a "white space" book.