Sunday, 24 May 2009

cOPENhagen - new branding stresses Open-ness

Copenhagen has just embarked on a new branding initiative, seeking to stress the 'OPEN' in cOPENhagen.
Copenhagen Open for you logo"Copenhagen Open For You"

A large number of private companies, cultural institutions and NGOs have come together to create the new brand image of 'cOPENhagen - Open for you' and they have even produced a 14 page brand manual to accompany it!

Excerpts from the brand story bring this concept of cOPENhagen to life:

- "Copenhagen’s intimate layout makes for a friendly, welcoming atmosphere: everybody has a voice and a role to play in the life of the city. The city welcomes all with open arms."

- "The city is always open to new ideas, new business and new arrivals."

- "Always open-minded and friendly, Copenhagen is much more than another capital city. It’s your city. Copenhagen is open for you."

However, the thing I really like is the fact that this is a brand for everyone - "the idea behind 'cOPENhagen – Open for you' is an open-source approach where companies and organisations have the possibility to personalise the brand. It is for instance possible to change the background colour and the subject and the pay off 'Open for …' can be customized in a way that is meaningful to the individual organisation in a certain context":

Copenhagen Open for shopping logoCopenhagen Open for Inspiration logo
Copenhagen Open for Development logoExamples of how the cOPENhagen logo can be customised to context

I think this is a really modern and fresh approach to city branding and tourism. Looking forward to seeing it brought to life over coming months!

More at (with Engish version here.)
My Copenhagen Flickr stream is here

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