Thursday, 28 May 2009

'In My Prius' - unofficial gangster rap parody in praise of Toyota Prius

US comedy outfit Casual Mafia have produced a gansta rap parody based on the Toyota Prius.

In My Prius banner
Banner highlighting the release of the 'In My Prius' film

The rap highlights Prius selling points such as fuel economy ('never hit E with my MPG's'), the quiet engine ('I pull up behind and you never heard a sound'), the dashboard camera, the environmental benefits ('ozone layer back in effect') and the tax breaks - albeit in an ironic way.

In My Prius screengrabScreengrab from 'In My Prius'

This is clearly unofficial, but it has over 15,000 YouTube views, is being picked up by motoring blogs (eg Autoblog here) and a Prius Fan has uploaded it to the Facebook Prius page. 'In My Prius' has all the hallmarks of going viral and whilst it might not be strictly on message for Prius brand communication, it could result in an uplift in buzz about the brand (though obviously depends on how many views the film generates.)

Here is the 'In My Prius' YouTube film:

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