Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Iron Maiden 'Flight 666' - promotional game to support DVD release

Iron Maiden have launched a multi-level Flight 666 game to support the release of their 'Flight 666' DVD at

Iron Maiden Flight 666 game

The Flight 666 game involves having to pilot the Iron Maiden plane through various landscapes whilst dropping speakers to convert game characters into Iron Maiden fans.

Iron Maiden Flight 666 game menu

All the locations in the Flight 666 game are places where Iron Maiden will tour and each week one of the top 10 scores will be selected to 'win an exclusive Iron Maiden stage robe, as worn by the band in Flight 666 The Film.'

Iron Maiden Flight 666 game - Mexico

Iron Maiden Flight 666 game - Canada

There is also a Flight 666 Clearspring widget with various functionality:

And if you want to buy Iron Maiden's Flight 666 DVD, it is available on Amazon here:

Think this is a nice way of promoting the Flight 666 DVD launch, though feel it would have been more engaging / have reached a wider range of people if the actual game could be embedded into social profiles as well as shared by email. Hope they publish the user statistics at some point!

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vertico2k said...

never had you down as an Iron Maiden fan??

Nick Burcher said...

I really like seeing ageing bands use new technology to update themselves, Iron Maiden games, AC/DC spreadsheet videos etc + think it's interesting how childhood 'heroes' keep going. The new stuff may not be as good as Number Of The Beast but at least you can fly Bruce Dickinson's plane!