Friday, 29 May 2009

Israeli football coverage shows live sponsorship ads for Optalgin pain killers

I wrote earlier about how ITV are doing some exciting things with the coverage of the FA Cup Final by integrating Twitter feeds etc. I wonder if they could follow the lead of Channel 2 in Israel who ran some really interesting live sponsorship idents on their Champions League final TV coverage?

Optalgin Live Champions League sponsorship adsScreengrab from the Optalgin Champions League Final ad idents

The Israeli TV Champions League final coverage featured inscreen ads for Optalgin painkillers - shown as players fell injured. As soon as a player hit the ground an ident appeared at the bottom of the TV screen with the message "Optalgin. Strong for strong pain" (!)

This obviously takes a fair deal of organisation and I think the end result is really effective - however, unfortunately (?) in the UK this sort of activity might not be possible due to the Ofcom regulations on editorial integration of sponsorship / restrictions on product placement.....

via Brand Republic

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