Friday, 29 May 2009

ITV FA Cup Final Twitter integration - social TV goes to another level

I have previously written about how TV broadcasters can use social channels to 'socialise' their content - allowing viewers to socially interact with a broadcast stream. When I wrote about the CNN / Facebook Obama inauguration integration I posed the question 'How long before this format is applied to events like the FA Cup final?' Well we now have the answer!

For the FA Cup Final this weekend, UK broadcaster ITV will try one of the biggest integrations to date - pulling various social tools into their online FA Cup Final coverage.

ITV FA Cup Final Twitter Buzz tool
Demo example of the ITV FA Cup Final Twitter Buzz App

From around 1pm tomorrow (30th May) a special FA Cup Final Buzz page will be accessible from the main page. Twitterfall will be used to present a rolling stream of FA Cup Final related Twitter comments, AudioBoo will be integrated to allow fans to submit audio comments and a specially designed Twitter buzz app will show which Chelsea / Everton player names have been most featured in tweets (demo above.)

I think this is a great initiative as it will enhance the online FA Cup Final coverage by making it more social, whilst creating differentiation between the TV and online coverage. I hope it works well and I will update this post with real screengrabs from the event itself.

UPDATE: here's the actual buzz chart from the game:

FA Cup Final actual buzz chart

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