Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The Jesus Potato on Ebay

Swedish newspapers have been covering developments regarding the 'Jesus Potato' on Ebay.

Jesus Potato on EbayThe Jesus Potato on Ebay

The Jesus Potato was 'found by a chef at a restaurant in the South of Sweden.' The Jesus Potato was then added to Ebay and the chef writes on the Ebay entry, 'I was frying several kilos of potatoes but one of them somehow was dropped to the side. When I was picking it up, I immediately saw the face of Jesus Christ. This was very big news in Sweden during following days after the discovery.' (Coverage in the Trelleborgs Allehanda is here.)

A few years ago, Ebay went through a phase of hitting the headlines for hosting novelty auctions (and getting crazy prices) - listing something silly + being the purchaser at a ridiculous price drove buzz and guaranteed news coverage worth far more than the outlay. For example, the $28,000 paid by Goldenpalace.com for the Grilled Mary sandwich and $700 paid by Triviamania.com for the Illinois cornflake. (On top of this there was the Jesus on a Potato chip, Jesus in a potato, the Jesus Garage stain, the Divine Eggplant, the Holy pancake.)

But after 7 days of bidding (and significant Swedish press coverage) the Swedish Jesus Potato stubbornly remains at $10.50. Hard to know what this results from - is it that novelty items are no longer newsworthy or that the credit crunch is pushing down the price of holy foodstuffs too? Or, most likely, the advent of social media is creating far more opportunities to generate (long lasting) noise and brands now hope for more than creating a short term spike in buzz by buying something silly on Ebay?

Though if it stays below $12, I'll buy it as an experiment........

Ebay link to the Jesus Potato here

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1 comment:

shib said...

haha I remember a couple of years ago there was one on Ebay but with the virgin mary on it...maybe someone somewhere is making these in a factory hmmm...