Saturday, 23 May 2009

Ling Valentine seeds controversial quotes to drive traffic to

This week I received an email from with some controversial quotes from founder Ling Valentine. The email starts with "I would ignore anything Alistair Darling says" and finishes with “Businesses need to spread their risk, get more active and stop listening to useless politicians who can’t even manage their own expenses, never mind the economy. Turbulence is good – it creates opportunities.”

Part of the crazy homepage!

A colleague drew LingsCars to my attention last year after Ling had a feisty appearance on Dragons Den and hit the news after turning down an investment offer:

However whilst Dragons Den is free publicity, you can't keep going back (though Ling claims the re-runs on 'Dave' continue to drive website visitors.) Ling has achieved some marketing / advertising coups in recent years (from being featured on TV to becoming a comic strip character in adult comic Viz), but simple blogger outreach, with some controversial quotes, can widen coverage and the number of linking sites - bringing the LingsCars site to an ever wider audience and boosting SEO rankings too.

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