Friday, 8 May 2009

Mitsubishi download a car competition - a torrent / P2P scavenger hunt!

Mitsubishi are offering (Spanish) internet users the chance to win a new Mitsubishi Colt. Timed to coincide with the start of the Barcelona Motor Show today, the first person who can find the 30 Colt parts hidden on the internet will win a new Mitsubishi Colt!

Mitsubishi Download a Colt competitionMitsubishi Colt download competition homepage

Mitsubishi are describing the Colt 'as the first car you can download for free from the internet.' The 30 car parts are hidden across various P2P and torrent download sites, with competition participants having to download all the pieces to win. Unsurprisingly, this competition has attracted significant interest from download sites and forums!

Mitsubishi Colt Download competition partsMitsubishi Colt download competition - the parts to find!

There is also a personal widget that you can download to keep track of your progress:

Mitsubishi Colt download competition widgetMitsubishi Colt download competition widget tracker

and a promotional video on YouTube:

This is a clever way to communicate the make up of the car and in some ways it's the Honda Cog TV ad re-interpreted for theP2P generation. If you want to participate, the competition is hosted at - but everything is in Spanish......

Hat tip Digitology

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1 comment:

Christian Hughes said...

Cheers for the hat tip Nick - I'm loving the idea of this (and even though I don't live in Spain) I wish I spoke Spanish to participate.