Sunday, 31 May 2009

Paul van Dyk PVD iPhone DJ app

Legendary trance DJ Paul van Dyk has released an iPhone app to coincide with the release of 'Volume' the Paul van Dyk Greatest Hits album. The PVD iPhone DJ app has a wide range of interesting features and is a great example of how advanced iPhone apps are becoming.

The PVD iPhone app aims to have everything a DJ could ever need, including:

- A BPM counter that displays the Beats Per Minute of the track being played (helping DJs to mix in the next track):

PVD iPhone DJ App BPM CounterPVD iPhone DJ App - BPM Counter

- A frequency analyser that displays a frequency graph of the audio input in real time:

PVD iPhone DJ App Frequency AnalyserPVD iPhone DJ App - Frequency Analyser

- A noise level reader that shows sound intensity levels:

PVD iPhone DJ App Noise IntensityPVD iPhone DJ App - Noise level reader

- A Seismic reader that uses the accelerometer so that when placed on the decks the iPhone shows seismic interference levels

PVD iPhone DJ App Seismic ReaderPVD iPhone DJ App - Seismic Reader

- The accelerometer is also used in the 'Torch' application (which also doubles as a strobe light) as well as a fun add-on, 'Glowstick' (!)

PVD iPhone DJ App Glow stickPVD iPhone DJ App - Glow Stick

Furthermore the PVD DJ iPhone App contains an itinerary manager that syncs with the calendar, Twitter integration so you can Twitter your playlists and links to the PVD website.

Paul van Dyk is also on YouTube explaining how the PVD DJ iPhone App works:

and here is the TV trailer for the Paul van Dyk 'Volume' Greatest Hits (out now!):

This is one of the most advanced apps I have seen and really makes the most of the iPhone's technical features. The PVD iPhone DJ App is available in localised languages across the globe - and for £1.19 I think this is a bargain!

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