Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Prince Charles on MySpace - appealing for the Rainforest Project

Prince Charles is using MySpace to launch a public awareness campaign to tackle climate change through rainforest protection.

Prince of Wales' Rainforest Project

Hosted at www.myspace.com/rainforestsos 'The Princes Rainforests Project' MySpace page contains a webcast from Prince Charles about deforestation followed by a 90 second film including appearances from the Dalai Lama, Robin Williams, Harrison Ford, William and Harry, Kermit the Frog and Pele. There is also a Gigya-powered Rainforest widget that people can embed to any social profile:

Whilst MySpace claim that Prince Charles is the first Royal to use social networking to broadcast a personal message, he is not the first Royal to use online video. The Queen visited Google's London offices after launching the Royal YouTube channel and the King of Sweden posted the announcement of the wedding of Crown Princess Victoria onto YouTube after the website of the Royal Court crashed under weight of traffic.

This is an interesting way of presenting important messages directly to the people - I guess the next question is 'who will be the first Twittering Royal?'

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Used Land Rover Defender for sale said...

The power of social 2.0 comes to the royals

David Wilding said...

Interesting that the medium (myspace) is the hook for most of the PR coverage rather than the message (rainforest)

You can only do this for so long obviously before it stops being interesting.

Or worse you start being ridiculed ("smile Gordon")

I don't want to buy a used land rover defender by the way...

Nick Burcher said...

I also wonder how many people have gone to the wrong place on MySpace? The Prince Charles profile is not him and the Prince Charles LP profile is a gansta rapper featuring 'Straight Outa Compton'!

I don't need a Land Rover Defender either......

kullin said...

The power of social media may be difficult to handle. The Swedish royal court deleted all 300+ comments to the YouTube video and it is no longer possible to comment.