Friday, 29 May 2009

Three Wolf Moon goes super viral and Susan Boyle gets wolf power.........

Last week I wrote about how the Three Wolf Moon t-shirt was becoming a viral hit after comedy reviews were left on the Three Wolf Moon listing - however the buzz has just kept on growing.

Three Moon Wolf imageThe Three Wolf Moon t-shirt image

There are now over 700 comments on the Three Wolf Moon Amazon listing, ABC News have featured the Three Wolf Moon t-shirt story and a YouTube video featuring a Three Wolf Moon song has been created (based on music from Pocahontas.) Sales of the Three Wolf Moon tshirt have jumped from one or two a day to over a hundred an hour - more than all the other t-shirts on Amazon combined!

Photos of celebrities and prominent figures wearing the Three Wolf Moon t-shirt are also now appearing all over the web and further driving the buzz. Digital Examples features a number of Three Wolf Moon photos from Amazon, but it is simple for anyone to super-impose the Three Wolf Moon image onto a photo - maybe this is the real Susan Boyle makeover!

Susan Boyle Three Moon WolfSusan Boyle gets Three Wolf Moon power (click for larger image)

So how long before the Three Moon Wolf cool factor / irony factor wears off? And why can't we buy them in the UK yet????

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Anonymous said...

it is going wild. Lots of tribute sites popping up too:

Lisa said...

We ship the 3 wolf moon t-shirt and we have sent plenty of them to the U.K.
Just purchase it from Pierce This 2 on the Amazon listing & we will ship to the U.K. and all countries.