Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Binge drinking ads - UK and Sweden different takes on the same message

The new UK anti-binge drink / 'know your limits' ad has just been released:

Amelia discusses the latest execution here, highlighting the idea that it is only 'in the cold light of day' that people can look back and understand the issues created by their drunken behaviour.

Screenshot from the IQ Rus Swedish drink in moderation ad

In Sweden, IQ (the organisation tasked with promotion of responsible drinking), have also been running hard hitting ads based around a similar proposition. There are two versions of the Swedish ad, same film different soundtrack - and I think the black and white version is the most powerful (warning: elements of these films portray violence / sexual content.)

IQ Rus Swedish drinking in moderation ads:

Original IQ Rus film (featuring the song 'Rus' by Lill Lindfors)

IQ Rus 'Indie' remix

For the non-Swedish speakers I believe the endlines translate as 'Var rädd om dig' - 'take care' and 'för en smartare syn på alkohol' - 'for a smarter approach to alcohol'.

Two different takes on the same issue, but both the UK and Swedish ads are provocative and elements of the execution are clearly designed to shock people into thinking about their alcohol intake and related behaviour. This is one area where language is not an issue - the point is clear regardless.

(Thanks to @dabitch for helping me find the Swedish ads!)

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