Saturday, 13 June 2009

Facebook Vanity URLs - 1 million claimed in the first hour - have you claimed yours?

The Facebook Vanity URL is now live. Facebook users have been waiting for the last week to claim their personalised Facebook address but at 05.01am today (UK time) the wait was over.

Facebook vanity URL countdown clockFacebook vanity URL countdown clock

This morning the Vanity URL countdown that people have been seeing all week (as shown above) was replaced with an interface that allowed people to choose their own 'Facebook Vanity URL'. Instead of having of random numbers, Facebook users have the chance to create a personalised profile address eg (More information can be found on the official Facebook blog here.)

To claim a vanity URL Facebook users need to go to, login to Facebook and then choose a permanent personal vanity URL. (Note once a username has been chosen it cannot be changed and usernames are unique and on a first come first served basis.)

The Facebook Vanity URL has proved to be very popular with Facebook users (so far.) Even though the Vanity URL registration service opened at an unsocial time, there were 200,000 Facebook vanity URLs claimed in the first 3 minutes, 500,000 Facebook vanity URLs claimed in the first 15 minutes and 1 million Facebook vanity URLs claimed in the first hour - though Facebook have not 'officially' confirmed these numbers.

(Also interesting to read Hans Kullin note that the Facebook vanity URLs do not work on Facebook mobile yet.)

So have you claimed your Facebook vanity URL yet and if you have what did you choose?

I also feel I should take this opportunity to commiserate with the other Nick Burchers on Facebook (Nick Burcher in Birmingham, Nick Burcher in Russia and the Nick Burcher with the guns and the dead animal) - I hope you are able to get a suitable Facebook Vanity URL and that you are not too upset about me taking

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1 comment:

Alex Smith said...

I know exactly how Nick Burcher (Russia) must feel, as a Smith, all of my first choices for vanity url's were taken!

C'est la vie!