Monday, 22 June 2009

30 Largest Facebook Fan Pages by number of fans (with user figures and page URLs)

Facebook Fan Pages have been around for approximately 18 months and they have been growing in popularity. In May 2008 I created a list of the largest Facebook Fan Pages and found that Barack Obama was the most popular Fan Page on Facebook with approaching 900,000 fans.

Update - Largest Facebook Fan Pages - October 2010 here

For the one year anniversary of Facebook Fan Pages (Nov 2008) I created a new list of the Top 50 Facebook Fan Pages and found that only Barack Obama and Michael Phelps had more than 1 million fans.

After the recent announcement of Facebook vanity URLs, and the possibility for personalised Facebook Fan Page addresses, I thought it would be interesting to create a new list of the most popular Facebook Fan Pages.

Here are the top 30 Facebook Fan Pages by number of fans (including URL):

RankFacebook Fan Page Name
Number of Facebook Fans
Facebook Fan Page URL
1Barack Obama
Vin Diesel
I Love Sleep
I need a vacation!!!
Dr. House
Will Smith
10Adam Sandler
12The Beach
13Lady Gaga
15Starbucks Coffee Company
16South Park
17The Beach
Jackie Chan
Kinder Surprise
Linkin Park
Flipping the pillow over to get to the cold side
I hate stupid people
Live Messenger

Top 30 Facebook Fan Pages by number of fans (figures taken from Facebook)

Facebook Fan Pages are clearly growing in popularity and since their redesign they are (arguably) becoming more relevant / useful for Facebook users (though there are obviously some random pages in this list!)

At the same time a Facebook Fan Page can be a useful global brand platform (not only does it bring users closer, but it allows marketers to maintain a dialogue with people who have publicly expressed an interest in their brand.) It is therefore surprising to see that a number of Facebook Fan Pages have not claimed a Facebook vanity URL for their Facebook Fan Page.

Also I was not expecting Vin Diesel to be second to Barack Obama, were you?!

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Ryan Fitzgibbon said...

Surely Vin Diesel doesn't come 2nd to anyone?!

That's one for the 'Vin Diesel Random Fact Generator'.

Nick Burcher said...

As a politician Obama has 'Supporters' rather than 'Fans', so Vin Diesel is actually the person with the most 'Fans' on Facebook!

Anonymous said...

I suppose this page is on top now!

It has over 800.000 fans and growing with approximately 200 fans PER SECOND!

The page was created only hours after The King's sudden death. And within the last 40 hours it has broken all the records... Nothing new when we speak of the greatest Michael Jackson!

The page is a tribute to his music that has inspired generations and the aim is to build a "Statue of The King of Pop" on the internet.

So join... invite your facebook friends and show your support!

R.I.P Michael Jackson... Legends Never Die!

Anonymous said...

where do yo get these stats??

Eric said...

There's a simple and constantly updated way to get at this list:


Unknown said...

What use do the Facebook Pages really have? Even if a page has a lot of fans, what results can you expect to get out of that? My understanding is that a user becomes a fan but never goes back to that fan page again.

Thanks in advance for your insight on this.

Nick Burcher said...

The most interesting things with Fan Pages:

- Publisher can keep adding information / applications etc to keep fans coming back
- Publisher can message 'All Fans' so even if people aren't naturally returning you can prompt them to or push out messaging / coupons / special offers etc
- Facebook Fan Page becomes your 'global face' in front of 250m people - no need for microsites etc, can build where the people are and run things from inside Facebook
- Ad targeting - Facebook ad platform now allows the targeting of ad messages based on which pages users are a fan of

There are lots of different ways of creating engagement around Fan Pages but I think these are the most interesting USPs - unless anyone else disagrees with me?

Unknown said...

Hi Nick,

Thanks for your reply. I guess my question is, do these theoretical use cases really work? I have a few Facebook Apps and group pages and it just seems like Facebook users don't respond to notifications anymore, and it also seems as if once they join a group, they never really go back to the group page.

For example I have over 50 notifications sitting in a tiny 2sq cm box on the bottom right of my facebook page. Clearly this is not placed in a position for users to ever really click on it or notice it. I also see groups with thousands of users, and the last activity on the group page in many cases seems to be several months ago. So it seems like users become fans or join groups but never really engage in those pages again. And sending notifications seem almost worthless.

Am I wrong in thinking this?

Anonymous said...

It says 10,266,086 fans

Unknown said...

Can you tell me what is the largest Croatian fan page? THX

Anonymous said...

I think that Michael Jacskon has the largest number fans over 10 mil!!!!!!1

Nick Burcher said...

Latest figures show that Michael Jackson is indeed the largest Fan Page with 10.3m fans. Barack Obama second with 6.9m 'supporters' and Vin Diesel third with 6.85m fans.

Unfortunately Facebook do not split these statistics out by country so I can't tell what the biggest fan page is in Croatia or any other country, the only figures available are global totals.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

michael jackson 10+ millions of fan...

Unknown said...

wanted said...

you missed Roger Federer with nearly 3,253,173 fans

Nick Burcher said...

This list was correct at time of writing - June 2009. I published a new list in Jan this year, Michael Jackson was at number one, but Roger Federer was outside the top 30 (at that point.)

Full list of Facebook top 30 Fan Pages Jan 2010 is here.

Snackpackforlittlejack said...

dude, "Texas Hold 'em Poker" has like over 11 million fans im pre sure thats the most i've seen

Usman Javaid said...

this is the largest group people

10,964,504 fans

Unknown said...

lol time to update!!!! twilight and mj r on there

Anonymous said...

farmville has 22 million..

Pat Crosby said...

"GOD" has
3,359,583 fans

Anonymous said...

Farmville has 20,xxx,xxx fans..

JackJackAttack said...!/michaeljackson?ref=ts Here u can see MJ having more fans than ur list all together!

JackJackAttack said... 17 million fans! HOW 'BOUT THAT??

Unknown said...

Curls Hair care is a great fanpage for Women Hair Products

Anonymous said...

I reckon this will be on the list soon :)

Mr Author said...

This one is better

Mr Author said...

I prefer

Doug said...

Thanks for this list ! I will put it to good use !

Here is another BIG facebook page :!/pages/Singles-Online-Dating-Group/118237358217378?ref=ts

Anonymous said...

u r sooo fucking stupid!! Go 2 facebook and update ur article Facebook itself has 11 million fans barrack obama has 10 million but MICHAEL JACKSON HAS !$ MILLION!!!!!!!1 dumbass motherfgcker

Anonymous said...

What does the date say at the top of this post? That's right - the figures show what the state of play was in 2009.

Anonymous said...

gaga has about 13.000.000!

Anonymous said...

Michael jackson is the first! about 18 million fans

Anonymous said...

Hahah ive seen pages with 20 milion fans + here are some

Anonymous said...

Cristiano Ronaldo has the biggest fan page on facebook

MJ lover forever ~ said...

Michael Jackson RULES !!!!!
22million + fans !!!!!
Ledends Never Die !
We L.O.V.E. you, Michael ! :*

Nick Burcher said...

New Post! The largest Fan Page on Facebook does not belong to Cristiano Ronaldo or Michael Jackson - the Top 30 Facebook Fan Pages for Oct 2010 is here

Nick Burcher said...

Please leave all future comments on the latest post (see comment above.)

Kyle Clouse said...

People better hurry because they way we know fan pages now are soon going away. This is not speculation. It comes from within Facebook. They are moving to iFrames.

Once they have the security issues resolved all new Fanpages will only be able to use iFrames. Existing fan pages using FBML will be frozen with the template that you currently have when the change is made; so you better have your template completed for the long haul. You won't be able to change it after.

I did a post explaining iFrames and how to use them within you website. The same will eventually be true within Facebook.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...


Nick Burcher said...

This list is not wrong, but it is dated. Try clicking the link at the top of the page for the most recent data.

Anonymous said...

Harry potter has more than Obama! Obviously this must be the top 30 biggest fan pages that he likes!

Anonymous said...

LOL, time to update, michael jackson does have 25 000 000fans

Anonymous said...

25,143,614 People Like This

Anonymous said...

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JoeTann said...

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Facebook Applications said...

Hey author:

I think you miss the KFC facebook Fan Page..KFc also have huge friends list in their Page.
I truly admit your are awesome man.

Unknown said...

just saying megan fox got 26millions

Blotterhead said...

The largest fan page on Facebook is the Facebook fan page. 40 Million fans.!/facebook

Tech Avenue said...

Great article! Interesting to see which celebs are most popular these days :)

Sbet said...

she got over 6million and is not in this list?? ??!!?!????? >>

Unknown said...

hey! where the heck is the ultimate Chuck Norris?

Anonymous said...

harry potter has over 33 million fans...

Sabrina said...

He's a really good photographer. please like his page and promote it please.

Angry Birds said...

I can't access "I hate stupid people" fan page. Please check it !

Grawp said...

Great info for me! Thought the fans page will bring more traffic for my site! Cheers....

جامعة تشرين said...

I love dr.House :)

(^o^) Kelly *0* said...

please guys help me like giving clicks to this page

Anonymous said...

Eminem is the largest page, except for texas holdem, and facebook, which arent really fan pages by me :S

Anonymous said...

The Simpsons 50.000.000!!!

Unknown said...

Linkin Park...!!! 45 Million Likes!!