Monday, 29 June 2009

Michael Jackson Facebook Fan Pages gain over 1 million new fans in 3 days

There are hundreds of different venues with which internet users can interact with content online, but, whether by design or by default, internet users will tend to find a single destination that acts as a centre point / hub.

In the case of Michael Jackson, Facebook Fan Pages have become the central online point for fans to gather, interact and leave their messages. Michael Jackson's may music be selling in phenomenal amounts (see Neville Hobson's great review), but Facebook is the place that fans are turning to in order to share their thoughts with the world. A comment on my recent post the largest Facebook Fan Pages alerted me to the growing Facebook Fan base and both the Michael Jackson Facebook Fan Page and the RIP Michael Jackson (We Miss You) Fan Page are growing fast.

The Michael Jackson Facebook Fan Page ( has gained well over 1 million users since his untimely death at the end of last week. The Michael Jackson Facebook Fan Pages are now acting as virtual books of condolence with fans leaving hundreds and hundreds of messages on the Michael Jackson Fan Page walls.

Michael Jackson Facebook Fan Page increase in FansGraph showing increase in Michael Jackson Facebook Fans by day - credit: Inside Facebook

As Neville writes: 'the [Michael Jackson] marketing machine hasn’t moved out of first gear yet' and as traditional media continue to pump out tribute shows / special edition magazines etc, the Michael Jackson Facebook Fan Page continues to grow - so can MJ top Vin Diesel's 5 million Fans or Barack Obama's 6 million+ supporters?

UPDATE 7/7/09 - Yes, Michael Jackson's Facebook Fan Page has become the most popular on Facebook! Mashable report here

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Unknown said...

I just lit a candle to join with fans from all around the world to paying their respects to Michael. He's gone, but not forgotten.

You can go to and leave an everllasting tribute there to the King of Pop!

Anonymous said...

It's official, the Michael Jackson fan page is now second only to Mr President!

Anonymous said...

I reckon this will be on the list soon :)