Friday, 26 June 2009

Michael Jackson nearly breaks the internet - Total traffic, Searches, tweets etc all showing massive volumes

At one point last night it felt like the internet was going to fall over as the strain of Michael Jackson news made various sites wobble.

Twitter disabled Twitter Trends, Google News thought it was under attack from spyware, AIM went down for 40 minutes and TMZ actually did crash for a while after being widely credited as the source that broke the story - when you see the figures it's easy to understand why!

Akamai monitor internet traffic with their Net Usage Index and have reported that web use spiked at 4.2 million global users per minute, more than double the normal number.

Google saw a massive increase in traffic too and Google have published the following graph, showing how Michael Jackson searching exploded:

Michael Jackson Google Search graph
Michael Jackson Google Searches in the last 24 hours

Twist shows a similar pattern when looking at the increase in tweets that were referencing Michael Jackson (at one point over 20% of all tweets included the phrase 'Michael Jackson' yesterday):

Volume of tweets that mention Michael Jackson

Yahoo saw their front page story “Michael Jackson rushed to hospital” become the highest clicking story in their history generating 800,000 clicks within 10 minutes (!) and news of his death saw 560,000 clicks in 10 minutes. Furthermore Yahoo! News set an all-time record in unique visitors with 16.4 million people, surpassing the previous record of 15.1 million visitors on election day (MJ bigger than Obama?!)

Hitwise have also pointed out that was the 9th most visited website in the UK yesterday.

Truly remarkable figures - I'm not sure anything like this will be seen again?

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