Friday, 5 June 2009

Microsoft socialise XBox with Facebook, Twitter and integration

At the E3 conference in Los Angeles this week, Microsoft unveiled a range of interesting XBox initiatives.

The new gaming control system 'Project Natal' captured most of the headlines:

However, as Rob Fahey argued in the Times yesterday, "unlike the Nintendo Wii controller, this technology is at least a year from launch and probably won’t become widespread for several more years. Here lies the difficulty for Microsoft [and Sony]. With expensive, powerful consoles on the market, they need to stay relevant now; exciting demonstrations of technology that even early adopters won’t get their hands on for years may not be enough to stop the mass market slipping from their grip."

But Microsoft are doing things now, and aside from exciting new games like Beatles Rockband, a number of announcements see the XBox being brought to the centre of home life - and integration with social platforms is an interesting development.

To date 'social gaming' has been around (often basic) shared games through Facebook etc. However this autumn Microsoft will bring social experiences to XBox LIVE. XBox LIVE users will be able to post tweets through their XBox, connect to Facebook and share screenshots of games with their Facebook followers, all whilst streaming music from (which will also be accessible through the XBox platform.)

XBox LIVE Facebook FriendsFacebook on XBox LIVE photo credit: Gizmodo Live Blog

XBox Live sharing game screenshots on FacebookPosting XBox games screenshots to Facebook photo credit: Gizmodo Live Blog

XBox LIVE TwitterTwitter on XBox LIVE photo credit: Gizmodo Live Blog

Furthermore Microsoft have announced that in the UK SkyTV will be accessible through XBox LIVE with no need for a satellite dish. We have already seen Netflix operate on the XBox LIVE platform to offer Movies On Demand, live TV is a logical next step:

XBox LIVE SkyTVSkyTV through the XBox (with avatars) photo credit: Crave

I have previously written about how social offers the opportunity to 'socialise' anything and the latest Microsoft XBox LIVE unveilings are more proof that the social opportunity is far bigger than just 'social media'!

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