Thursday, 11 June 2009

Nokia N95 - BBC TV and iPlayer now available!

The BBC have announced today that the BBC iPlayer catch up service is now available on Nokia N95 handsets in the UK. N95 owners are also able to watch any of the BBC channels live on their Nokia N95 or listen to BBC radio (live or catchup.)

Nokia N95 BBC iPlayer menuBBC iPlayer Nokia N95 menu

The BBC don't allow embedding of video (please change this BBC) so if you want to see the overview announcement you'll have to click here for the video.

Nokia N95 BBC iPlayerWatching BBC iPlayer content on the Nokia N95

Widespread unlimited data tariffs, coupled with the penetration of the N95, mean that this has the potential to revolutionise the mobile TV market, however the impact could be felt more widely and the people who should be most concerned are newspapers. The print vs web battle has been challenging, but how do you even start to address a value proposition for print vs live TV news, free on your mobile?

(also can anyone tell me how does this sits with the 'fair use clause' in the t's and c's of an unlimited internet tariff?)

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nivetha said...

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Unknown said...

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