Thursday, 11 June 2009

Pepsi Raw promote twitter address on cans

Pepsi have been experimenting with integrating new technology into their packaging. Earlier this year there was a big push on Pepsi QR codes that are now seen on every bottle and can in the UK.

However, the new 'natural cola' Pepsi Raw forgoes the QR code on packaging, instead listing the Pepsi Raw Twitter account @pepsiraw:

pepsi raw twitter can

Pepsi Raw packaging with Twitter address (image credit: Revolution)

We have seen Twitter hashtags integrated into activity (see Land Rover and their #LRNY hashtag here), but promoting a Twitter account on actual packaging is something that I have not seen before.

This is a bold / brave step for a number of reasons:

- This Pepsi Twitter account is being listed on 1.4m sample cans and this is a big commitment to engagement - using Twitter for this sort of consumer interaction requires constant monitoring and management of the Pepsi Raw Twitter account
- Listing the Twitter account on a physical product means that it is much harder to backtrack / turn it off if things go awry
- There is no way of controlling whether people talk positively or negatively (and negative comments are there for the whole world to see) - encouraging Twitter discussion shows a real belief in the product, Pepsi need to hope consumers feel the same way

Again this is a great example of how 'social' works best when it is integrated into the big picture (rather than seen as a specific channel) and using Twitter / Facebook as the main 'Destination' is the sort of marketing that we will undoubtedly see more of (especially when Facebook enable personalised domains this weekend). Another nail in the coffin of the microsite?

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