Monday, 15 June 2009

Piers Morgan Burger King fragrance - 'Flame: The scent of seduction. With a hint of flame-grilled meat'

Burger King have launched their Burger King fragrance 'Flame' in the UK today. The Burger King fragrance ads feature a semi-naked Piers Morgan and use the strapline 'The scent of seduction. With a hint of flame-grilled meat' (!)

Piers Morgan Burger King Flame fragrancePiers Morgan promotes Burger King fragrance 'Flame'

Posters and cardboard cutouts featuring Piers Morgan will promote the Burger King fragrance and 'Flame' will be launched in Selfridges on Oxford Street (London) today. The Burger King fragrance will then be available for £4.99 in Selfridges, Red5 and selected branches of Burger King.

A 'making of' film has been posted to YouTube showing behind the scenes of the Burger King fragrance shoot with Piers Morgan getting ready to promote 'Flame':

Piers Morgan Burger King fragrance behind the scenes shoot film

Everything is then pulled together in a website at which allows you to virtually spray the fragrance - revealing various scenes featuring roses, moody saxophone playing, hearts and beach scenes. It also restates that 'FLAME is the world's first perfume to contain the irrestible, sizzling overtones of the Whopper - behold the scent of seduction with a hint of flame grilled beef.'

Burger King fragrance Roaring Fire
Burger King fragrance 'Flame' conjuring up a roaring fire on the Fire Meets Desire site

According to the Guardian, Flame sold out in 4 days when it launched in the US last year - I'll be heading to Selfridges today to try and get some - who knows?!

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human pheromones said...

That was look fun the fragrance of this was so interesting. Keep posting!


Bethany said...

He looks adorable and cute! I hope this perfume is available online.