Friday, 12 June 2009

The Sun newspaper featuring RubberDuckzilla Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is getting a lot of coverage and in the last month there has been an explosion of Augmented Reality activity. There are now examples of people starting to take this further (and arguably making it more effective) by integrating Augmented Reality executions with 'real world' activity.

By holding up a graphic to a webcam, users can then get an 'Augmented Reality' experience. To date the majority of these experiences have involved printing out a code from a specific website, however these AR codes are now being used as standalone advertising.

Papa Johns pizza printed the AR graphic onto their pizza boxes, Mini Cabrio ran their German Augmented Reality campaign on the Outside Back Covers of motoring magazines and The Sun newspaper has now been used as an Augmented Reality platform for Oasis and RubberDuckzilla.

The Sun Augmented Reality Rubberduckzilla OasisOasis AR RubberDuckzilla promotional spread in The Sun newspaper - 11th June 2009
(click for larger image)

The Oasis RubberDuckZilla activity in the Sun featured an explanation on what Augmented Reality is, a coupon for an Oasis redemption in Tesco and the AR graphic needed to activate the Augmented Reality action - all featured around an Augmented Reality version of the Sun.

Sun Online RubberduckzillaRubberduckzilla Augmented Reality on the Sun Online
(click for larger image)

The Sun has a huge circulation and the Oasis feature brings Augmented Reality to a mass audience, arguably the first time this has happened. This follows the Sun 'bringing QR codes to the UK' (in 2007) and continues the tradition of the Sun taking new technology to their mass readership.

However, whilst this is nicely executed, Rubberduckzilla still feels like more of a gimmick than an extension of the value proposition. Contrast this with what GlassesDirect are doing, allowing customers to use Augmented Reality to model different glasses without having to visit a shop (via the ever excellent Digitology):

Augmented Reality executions are evolving very quickly and I really think that there is a lot more to come from this technology - especially as it becomes more and more integrated with the wider media plan.

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