Sunday, 7 June 2009

Time Magazine Twitter cover

To date Twitter has been featured in a wide range of print publications. However whilst it may be referenced on the front cover, it's rare for Twitter to be the front cover main subject - though this has happened from time to time:

Earlier this year we saw Twitter dominate the front cover of Shortlist:

Shortlist Twitter coverShortlist Twitter Cover

Whilst in March the Chicago Tribune added the Twitter handles for editorial staff to the masthead:

Chicago Tribune Twitter mastheadChicago Tribune with editorial Twitter handles

This week Twitter has made it to the front cover of Time Magazine and I really like the execution - featuring both Twitter and an iPhone:

Time Magazine Twitter CoverTime Magazine Twitter cover

Read the full Time Magazine Twitter article here.

Twitter journalism is now moving from describing what Twitter is, into describing how Twitter is changing things and I think this week's Time Magazine front cover really captures the spirit of the Twitter age!

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