Friday, 12 June 2009

Win a £1m Grand Designs house on Twitter

We have seen the million dollar home page, Barack Obama harnessing micro-donations to fund his campaign, Tudor Ciara selling micro ads on his wedding tie and the millionaire businessman selling raffle tickets for someone to win his lifestyle.

Now we see PixaHome taking this idea one stage further and integrating Twitter - PixaHome are offering a Twitter user a chance to win a £1m Grand Designs house!

PixaHome Twitter house competitionWin a Grand Designs house on Twitter!

Dubbed 'the Underground House' and located in Cheltenham in the UK, owners Tim and Zoe Bawtree say that 'because the Grand Designs house is such a special property, we wanted to find an innovative way for us to sell it.'

The current state of the UK property market means a traditional sale is not a viable option, so instead they are selling micro-ads on their home page at and if they manage to sell 90% of the 10,000 blocks on this page then they will be able to give away the house to a Twitter follower. (Blocks start at £200 each.)

Pixahome win a house homepageThe current PixaHome homepage

The winner of the £1m PixaHome house will be selected at random in October 2009 from the followers of the PixaHome Twitter account @pixahome. There will also be other prizes provided by advertisers and 10% of all proceeds will go to the Help4Heroes charity.

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