Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Air New Zealand viral safety video - bodypaint staff have nothing to hide!

Earlier this year Air New Zealand ran a TV ad using the slogan 'nothing to hide' promoting the fact that their are no hidden charges on Air New Zealand flights.

The TV ad shows Air New Zealand staff wearing only body paint. The 'Nothing to Hide' ad has been uploaded to YouTube and is hosted on an Air New Zealand channel called 'AirNZnothing2hide.'

Air New Zealand have now taken this campaign one stage further, by integrating the 'nothing to hide' marketing message into their actual product / customer experience. The safety video on domestic 737 Air New Zealand services will now feature body painted staff giving the safety demonstration!

This video, 'The Bare Essentials of Safety' has also been uploaded to YouTube and is again hosted on the AirNZnothing2hide YouTube channel.

Everything is then pulled together on a microsite at

Air New Zealand nothing to hide micrositeAir New Zealand nothing to hide microsite

The Air New Zealand 'nothing to hide' activity is a good example of how a marketing campaign can become more than just a creative execution. The safety video integrates the 'nothing to hide' idea into the actual customer experience and hosting everything on a microsite / YouTube allows customers to engage more deeply with the content than just seeing it on TV.

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