Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The Corporate Twitter dilemma (cartoon)

As more and more brands grapple with how to best deal with social media and Twitter, I thought this 'Brand Camp' cartoon sums things up nicely!

'Corporate Twitter' by Tom Fishburne

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Hat tip: Digital Hive

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1 comment:

Kayhan said...

Hhahhaahahha: This cartoon totally (and truly) cracked me up... Just priceless!

I am so glad the company I co-founded, Office Divvy, is still a smaller and much flexible organization that we have complete Twitter freedom! --that means, all co-founders and staff can (and do) tweet freely from the @OfficeDivvy twitter account.

You just can't beat trust, now can you? (or maybe we'll find out).

Ky Ekinci
Office Divvy
On the web: OfficeDivvy.com
On Twitter: @OfficeDivvy