Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Evian Rollerskating babies - the latest YouTube sensation

In 1998 Evian released an ad that featured babies performing synchronised swimming moves:

11 years on and Evian have recently released a series of new films featuring babies. The initial teasers featuring an Evian Break Dancing baby and an Evian Moonwalking baby:

Evian Breakdancing baby (teaser film):

Evian Moonwalking baby (teaser film):

The Evian baby teaser films were released onto YouTube at the beginning of June and in recent days the full 'Evian Live Young' rollerskating baby films have been released onto YouTube. There are two versions of the new film (US and International), though the only difference I can see is the opening shot. In a week the 'International version' has received 1.8million views and the US version has received 2.1million views:

International 'Evian Live Young' Roller Babies:

US 'Evian Live Young' Roller Babies:

Unsurprisingly users are now remixing these videos adding new soundtracks.

Evian Live Young rollerskating babies - LRND Remix:

But some of the videos being made (and posted as video responses) question the use of babies in the Evian ad. TasteTheMilk has created a (disconcerting version) under the title 'Glitter's All-Star Roller Skating Group', featuring a Gary Glitter soundtrack and the description 'Tsk, is there anything those dudes at Evian won't do to sell their water?'

TasteTheMilk 'Evian Live Young' Gary Glitter video:

Everything is pulled together at where internet users can watch the rollerskating baby films as well as interact with other content and share everything on Facebook, MySpace or Bebo.

The Evian Live Young rollerskating baby campaign is a great example of how to deliver viral success using YouTube as a platform. (Great) content that drives Conversation, teased onto YouTube before the full version is released and then pulled together in a Destination which makes it easy to share.

No wonder that the views are increasing and national press are now giving the Evian rollerskating babies coverage!

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grasshopper said...

that Evian video goes to show how much more you can do with old school skates over roller blades