Monday, 27 July 2009

Explaining social media (cartoon)

I'm not normally a fan of cartoons so it feels strange to be posting my second cartoon this month! From Where's My Jetpack (via theduffyagency), Future Man explains social media:

Future man explains social mediaFuture Man explains social media cartoon - click for larger image

Social still suffers from the dismissive 'why do I want to know if someone's cat has been sick?' comments. The above image is therefore indicative of some of the issues that still surround 'social media' adoption. (Indeed, the phrase 'Social media' doesn't actually help - it's such a catch all that it invariably prompts confusion or creates anxiety about where to start - or worse still, encourages people to think about social as a 'channel.')

I think the key with using social successfully is to focus on people (your consumers) rather than the technology. You don't necessarily need to know why someone will discuss their breakfast, you just need to recognise that they might discuss their breakfast (and that the tools exist to enable them to do so.)

The trick is therefore to understand how to effectively harness this opportunity to gain insight / engagement around the breakfast in question - though it's not about the tools you use, more the way you use them.

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MadMenMedia said...
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MadMenMedia said...

Wondered why you've reverted to using cartoons on your blogs. Personally think it simplifies the issue..ok and slightly humorous too.. I might try cartoons now on my blogs too.