Sunday, 26 July 2009

JK Wedding Entrance Dance - this years YouTube wedding hit

Married on MySpace is nearing it's conclusion, but unofficial, user generated 'Married on YouTube' videos continue to be (considerably?) more entertaining!

A few days ago a link to a YouTube video called 'JK Wedding Entrance Dance' turned up in my Twitterstream. The 'JK Wedding Entrance' video is of a wedding from Saint Paul, Minnesota where, instead of using traditional wedding music, the entrance was set to Chris Brown's 'Forever' or as they say in the video 'Forever....yeah forever.' This link has continued to show up on tweets and blog posts - so much so that the JK Wedding Entrance video has now been watched more than 6.7 million times in just 7 days!

Love it or hate it, funny or horrific - it's guaranteed to create a reaction:

(UPDATE: JK Wedding Entrance Dance on Today Show as unofficial duplicates and remixes swamp YouTube)

Previously YouTube wedding hit videos have been centred around the actual wedding dance / wedding reception - with instances where the central characters have subsequently been invited onto national TV channels. The Dirty Dancing couple were invited onto Oprah with the bride offered the chance to recreate her Dirty Dancing routine with Patrick Swayze himself, the original surprise wedding dance participants were invited onto Good Morning America and the Thriller dances are just legendary:

t&a: The original YouTube surprise wedding dance (as featured on Good Morning America):

Dirty Dancing UK: Julia and James first wedding dance (as featured on Oprah):

The legendary Thriller receptions (featured just about everywhere):

'Wedding Thriller Dance':

'Wedding Thriller':

Yes all of the above are contrived and pre-meditated, but they also feature a kind of joyful abandonment, a kind of getting wrapped up in the moment / breaking free mentality and above all going against the grain and doing the unexpected.

The joy that comes from these sort of moments need not be limited to wedding receptions though, it can be replicated in other areas. Going the extra mile, surprising people with service and over-delivering in unexpected ways as examples - and if you do it really well people may start to spread the word through social media.......

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