Friday, 31 July 2009

Las Vegas mega hotel posters - and other ways of re-interpreting core assets to develop new revenue streams

Last night I was half paying attention to a travel program on TV. In part of the show the presenter visited Las Vegas and as he was riding past the Luxor Hotel it seemed to have a huge poster for Absolut on the side of it.

I'd never heard of this so went online to investigate further. It appears that a number of Las Vegas hotels have now used their faciers as giant billboards (though the Luxor's unique design makes it arguably the most impactful.) On searching I found various examples of Las Vegas mega hotel posters, here are just a handful:

Luxor Las Vegas Absolut poster ad

gTarded's photo of Absolut Luxor

Toni Braxton Flamingo Las Vegas Diet Pepsi posterToni Braxton on the Flamingo for Diet Pepsi

transformers 2 revenge of the fallen Luxor poster day

transformers 2 revenge of the fallen Luxor poster night

Luxor - Transformers Revenge of The Fallen (day and night photos)
credit: Transformers Live blog

These hotel posters are extremely eyecatching, but have only been possible since the introduction of new technology from specialist mega-poster company SkyTag (more examples on their site.) The interesting thing is that new technology helped Las Vegas hotels monetise an asset that was previously unmonetised - the building itself!

This sort of lateral thinking is being deployed in a number of places, from London Underground Oyster Card wallets to 7-Eleven turning their shops into Kwik-E Mart replicas for the Simpson's movie to Ryanair offering ad space on their planes:

Ryanair plane with full plane Cable & Wireless ad

Thus companies from a variety of different sectors (transport operators, hotels, retail etc) are becoming 'publishers' as they find ways to offer (creative) ad space to advertisers - thinking differently is driving ad revenues from areas that may have never been considered advertising platforms in the past.

The key to a lot of this is technology. As technology evolves it is creating new opportunities to monetise / better monetise core assets - and this isn't just about being able to print massive posters. Technology developments are helping publishers create new formats and where every aspect of digital advertising can be analysed, new / improved technology is helping to create more effective trading mechanisms, data management / analytics tools and yield management systems.

Las Vegas mega posters are a striking example of how new technology is changing media, but the most significant evolution that technological development is fuelling is in the background around digital data, numbers and systems......

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