Thursday, 2 July 2009

Latest Facebook usage statistics by country - 12 months of extraordinary global growth

I have been monitoring Facebook usage statistics and the last 12 months has seen extraordinary global growth.

New - July 2010 Facebook usage statistics by country compared to July 2009 and July 2008 here

(Also check fastest growing countries on Facebook here)

- On 1st July 2008, Facebook were reporting 82,451,680 active users, Facebook figures now show that Facebook has 233,864,820 global users.

- Facebook growth has come everywhere. USA Facebook users have increased by 41,567,420, but Facebook has also seen a growth rate of 3000% in Indonesia!

- In July 2008 11 countries had more than 1 million Facebook users, now 33 countries have more than 1 million Facebook users.

- Explosion in Facebook users numbers was seen in Western Europe (France, Spain etc) and South America (eg Chile) in the second half of 2008 (though numbers are still growing).

- More recently the fastest growing Facebook markets have been in Eastern Europe (eg Czech Republic), the Far East (Indonesia etc) and, significantly for Orkut, Brazil and India

Here are the Top 30 countries with highest number of Facebook users (2nd July 2009 - data from Facebook):

RankCountryNumber of Facebook users
12 month growth %
6 month growth %
20Hong Kong
24South Africa

If you want to know the latest Facebook usage statistics for another country, leave a comment in the post below and I will post the relevant data.

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Dominique Hind said...

Awesome post. Not sure if you have seen - shows a few different stats.

I've recently written a post about it:

Interested in your thoughts.

Jefferysan said...

I'm interested in usage for East Africa, particularly Uganda. Do you know how I might find those?


ejik said...


How about Moldova? and other former USSR countries?


Anonymous said...

what is the source of your detailed user data???

tobecuadrift said...

What about austria?

Nick Burcher said...

@Dominique I will respond on your post

@Jeffreysan - Not many statistics for East Africa (the only country that Facebook report on is Kenya) - Kenya have 342,280 Facebook users (up 372% in the last 12 months)

@ejik Facebook report no statistics on Moldova or other nearby former USSR countries

@tobecuadrift Austria now has 728,800 Facebook users (up from 111,060 Facebook users in July 2008)

All figures are taken from Facebook

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing. I'd appreciate anything you may have for the Caribbean...specifically Cayman Islands & Barbados?

Nick Burcher said...

Nothing on Cayman Islands or Barbados - only countries that have Facebook user statistics listed in the Caribbean are:

Dominican Republic - 244,900 Facebook users

Trinidad & Tobago - 209,780 Facebook users

Jamaica - 138,740 Facebook users

The Bahamas - 70,320 Facebook users

Hope this is some help!

Unknown said...

Doesn't come as a surprise. It's difficult if not impossible to pull any stats for some of the smaller Caribbean islands. Thanks for the info you were able to pass my way!

teejax said...

Good report,well done.
Can I have the usage statistics of Nigerians(Nigeria) on facebook.
my email is:

Nick Burcher said...

569,180 Facebook users in Nigeria on 1st Jul 2009, up from 99,720 in Jul 2008.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Nick.

Can you give us the usage statistic for Croatia?

Benjamin Felix said...

HI Nick,

I am looking for info on facebook usage in INDIA.

It would be great if could share with me the total users, How active these users are?
ALso if you could gimme the splits Agewise and Gender wise it would be great.



Anonymous said...

Hi Nick - thanks for the great info. If possilble, I would like to have the data for:



carolyn said...

Hi Nick, I'm trying to find out the number of Facebook users in El Salvador and the growth rate of the network if possible??

Candra Adi Putra said...

woh...really awesome... I'm form indonesia, and in my country, facebook is very very populer..the first page the open in browser is

Anonymous said...

where is the specific link for all of these stats?

is it on the facebook domain?

QUE said...

Can you find out how many teenagers from 15 to 19 years old in Singapore are using Facebook?
Please reply asap. Thanks!

Nick Burcher said...

- India total Facebook users are detailed in the list above - number 15

- No Facebook usage stats for Zambia / Zimbabwe published

- Croatia - 694,640 Facebook users on 1st Jul 09 (up 195% on the year before)

- El Salvador - 126,540 Facebook users in Jul 09, up 177% on July 08

- Today's figure for Facebook users in Singapore aged between 15-19 is 292,900

All stats from Facebook, hope they help!

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to find out the number of Facebook users in Uruguay, Brasil, Perú, Panamá, Costa Rica and Ecuador.....


rokensa said...

Hello, I have been tracking Facebook Statistics for El Salvador this might expand the answer you gave to Carolyn Ramsdell there are 149,820 FB users in El Salvador this number has growth 250% sin January, El Salvador has the 4th place in terms of FB users in Central America, folwing Panama, Costa Rica and Guatemala. 74% of the FB population in El Salvador are under 30 years old. If you need this type of info about Twitter in El Salvador please read my post:


Nick Burcher said...

On 1st July 2009:

Uruguay 395,800 Facebook users (up 867% on Jul 08)

Brasil 1,015,400 Facebook users (up 753% on Jul 08)

Perú 839,220 Facebook users (up 464% on Jul 08)

Panamá 330,820 Facebook users (up 75% on Jul 08)

Costa Rica 186,240 Facebook users (up 266% on Jul 08)

Ecuador 348,640 Facebook users (up 299% on Jul 08)

I'll update all the Facebook usage statistics and increase figures in the next few weeks.

Denyse Teng said...


I am interested in finding out the statistics for Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Indonesia and Malaysia. I would like to know the number of users based on Age(12-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50+). Also, I would like to know what's the growth like since 2007, 2008 and 2009 between these countries.

Thank you.

Denyse Teng said...


Another question. Is there any statistics on how many of these users(in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Indonesia and Malaysia) are companies or organization?

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Unknown said...

You have dont some impressive reseach, keep it up man..
i would however like to know the stats on how many facebookers are from the island of jamaica...and perhaps the age range, i have an important assessment you see... that information is nowhere

you are my only hope!!!
please and thank you!!

Nick Burcher said...

Hi Brittany,

According to Facebook there are 176,000 Facebook users in Jamaica.

The numbers are never exact but they break down as follows:


23,680 13-17 years old
62,620 18-24 years old
54,140 25-34 years old
24,620 35-44 years old
9,200 45-54 years old
3,060 55-64 years old

Male vs Female:

73,340 male users
95,220 female users

Hope this helps!

Unknown said...

I really didn't expect to get such a speedy response!
You're so amazing!!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

just curious... where do you find your stats?

Nastia said...

hi)is anuthing about moldova?

HY-Nestle said...

what about PAKISTAN? what are the number of facebook users in pakistan?
and proportion of male & female??
will also help, if you can tell me the age groups that are using facebook in pakistan?

Anonymous said...

Great info Nick, Anything on Guam? Thanks in advance!

Nick Burcher said...

Nothing on Guam or Moldova.

For Pakistan:

on 16/10/09 there were 1,094,040 active Facebook users in Pakistan.

67% male : 33% female (big difference to other countries where use is more even, if anything more skewed towards women)

Anonymous said...

what is the stats for male and female in the uk please.

soja said...


Do You know how many users ar in Estonia?

Toomas Eelrand

Yuanna Ho said...


I am Yuanna from Batam, Indonesia. Thank you for sharing those facebook statistic.. I wonder if you could also provide the facebook usage in my town, Batam city?

Any help will be appreciated.


Unknown said...


I am Nofita from Batam, Indonesia. Thank you for sharing those facebook statistics. I wonder if you could also provide the facebook usage & third party(eg:games, etc) in my town, Batam city?

Any help will be appreciated.


irshad321 said...

thanks for Pakistan's data. Can you tell me the growth rate of Pakistan. Please its direly required.

Unknown said...

Hi Nick - What is the latest Facebook stats for Kenya? Do you have the numbers for Uganda,Tanzania and Rwanda?

Nimish Hadole

Anonymous said...

do you have data for Japan? mixi seems to be a serious competitor

Nick Burcher said...

I have just published the latest top 30 countries by Facebook usage here

Nick Burcher said...

and to answer the outstanding questions:

Japan - Facebook is growing but not at the rate of other Asian countries (indeed Mixi is a competitor): total users 798,440 (31t Dec 09)

Kenya - 561,440 Facebook users

Uganda and Tanzania - not published

Pakistan - latest number of Facebook users 1,392,520 (Dec 31st 09), with a year on year growth of 270%

Batam City - not possible to go into that much detail (yet)

Estonia - 113,700 Facebook users (31st Dec 09)

Anonymous said...

Great work Nick,
Please I need audience profile (age segmentation, gender split,etc) for Nigeria users.

Louis said...

Hi Nick, can you tell me the current statistic of population using facebook in Singapore from age 13 to 19.

Thanks in advance ;)

Michelle said...

Hello, can i know the lastest facebook statistics for singapore ? Do help by replying, need the statistics urgently! Thanks! (:

Nick Burcher said...

Nigeria - 949,840 (an increase of 347% year on year)

Singapore - 1,817,500 (an increase of 146% year on year)

Figures are for active Facebook users, sourced from Facebook and correct as at 31st Dec 2009

Glen Carlson said...

Any idea of the age breakdown of users of Facebook in Indonesia? And, by any chance do you have any data on Twitter? Especially growth data in Indonesia. Thanks!

Irshad said...

Great Nick. Thanks a million.

One last question, Is the male female ratio still 67/33 or has changed till Dec/09. Also if you can tell me the age group percentages.

Thanks again

Anonymous said...

What about Pakistan ?? how many users are their?


Unknown said...

I would like to know sri lanka's face book statictics for my studing purposes.thanks

Aya said...

hello ,

I have to admit I'm very impressed with the site. However , I can't seem to find any facebook statistics on the growth of facebook users in the Middle-east

and the facebook users in Jordan .
Please let me know if you find any.

Aya said...

hello ,

I have to admit I'm very impressed with the site. However , I can't seem to find any facebook statistics on the growth of facebook users in the Middle-east

and the facebook users in Jordan .
Please let me know if you find any.

Rashad said...

hey Nick.

Please post a statistic for Russia and Ukraine.


fifiey said...

hye, nick!

im having dis assignment to forecast about d growth of facebook users in malaysia.

so, i really need ur help. may i know d statistic of facebook users in malaysia from 2004-2009?

i hope u can help me with dis. i really appreciate it.
d dateline is juz around d corner. thx!

my e-mail is :

Anonymous said...

may i know the statistic of facebook user in Indonesia by city: Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Semarang, Bandung?

And for indonesia, age 18 -34, which range is the highest statistic range? or is there statistic per age?

and if possible what is highest age range for movie goers? and what is the number?

thank you

Anonymous said...

i am interested to know about the number of users of facebook in pakistan and its growth rate in pakistan and mail me as soon as possible on my email address
i'll be waiting for your reply

Edith Brou said...

Bonjour Nick, merci infiniment pour ton post. Est ce que je pourrais avoir les statistiques d'utilisateurs pour la Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory coast en anglais)

Merci beaucoup d'avance.

Nick Burcher said...

- No figures for the Ivory Coast
- Latest figures (Mar 31st 2010):

Pakistan 2,006,600
Russia 906,440
Ukraine 311,320
Jordan 765,280
Sri Lanka 517,760

Nick Burcher said...


Latest figures here at Facebook usage statistics March 2010

Please leave questions on most recent Facebook statistics post.

Thank you!

Unknown said...

Can i please Know the FB user breakdown for Sri Lanka.

If youculd mail it to my hotmail add or display it in this site. The info is urgent.Thanks alot.

Dmitry said...

Hi! what is up-to-dated data for Ukraine? What is place in the total list?


Unknown said...

hi, I need to know whichever users of facebook has in Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico, in Durango Mexico, thanks for all Nick, if east encounter data step the matter in school, if it encounter did not reprobate to me

Anonymous said...

how many Nigerians are on facebook. and their percentage increase in the last 1 year

Anonymous said...

how many Nigerians are on facebook. and their percentage increase in the last 1 year

Nick Burcher said...

I have just posted the latest Facebook Usage statistics by country for July 2010 figures are compared to July 2009 and July 2008.

Please leave all questions about other countries on this new post.

Andie said...

Hi Nick, great info indeed.

Can I possibly have statistics for Nigeria? There is some estimate that Nigeria has over 1m true is this?

Anonymous said...

how bout the less country using facebook statistics,can u give me the statistics??
its going to be my research..
thanks a lot

anil kanojia said...

Plz provide me statistic of people using facebook in india category wise.I mean age group wise.


Breanna's Blog said...

what about japan?

Anonymous said...

Can you kindly disaggregate the Nigerian user data by age range and sex?

Many Thanks!

Anonymous said...

What about Pakistan?

Nick B said...

Latest Facebook usage statistics by country now published here (April 2011)

Unknown said...

How many facebook users in Jamaica?

SOLOMON said...

Hi Nick as of September 10 how many Nigeria users are on facebook and what is the ade grade. Tahnk you

Anonymous said...

Please i will like to know the statistics of Nigerians on facebook.

Dr.A.Jagadeesh said...

Excellent information on:
"Latest Facebook usage statistics by country - 12 months of extraordinary global growth"

I am one of the prolific users of FACEBOOK (Perhaps the most active and popular).

I find FACEBOOK the best Social Network media. Unlike TWITTER (I am also a user) Facebook allows lengthy comments and articles.

Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore (AP),India