Friday, 31 July 2009

Shake Weight - this can't be for real, can it?

Shake Weight is the 'revolutionary way to shape and tone your arms.' Shake Weight is on and appears to be a genuine e-commerce site.

Shake weight from www.shakeweight.comscreengrab from

However, when you see the Shake Weight YouTube video (which is unsurprisingly attracting a lot of attention), then you start to question things:

So, Friday debate - Shake Weight, real or fake? (and if it's fake, who's responsible?)

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Sapna B said...

I think, hilariously, it's for real! Brilliant find, Nick.

Stuart Finlayson said...

I also think this is actually genuine and with over 170k views on YouTube it's clearly working!

Who would have thought that some scantily clad ladies holding a 'shake weight' would have such an impact?!

I wonder if any of the views on YouTube have led to sales?