Monday, 13 July 2009

Star Wars Uncut - internet users remake Star Wars in 15 second parts

Casey Pugh has launched a Vimeo project to re-make Star Wars using User-Generated scene recreations!

Star Wars Uncut sees the original 'Star Wars: A New Hope' film split into 473 15-second clips with internet users then invited to claim a clip, remake it and then upload it back to Vimeo. Casey will then 'stitch everything together and watch the magic happen.'

Star Wars Uncut websiteStarWarsUncut website

In 48 hours 218 scenes were claimed and all 473 scenes have now been claimed in just a few days - the Star Wars UnCut website even fell over under the weight of initial traffic! (The site is back up now.) Fans have already started to upload their home-made, 15 second Star Wars scenes - I can't wait to see the final full-length cut!

Star Wars UnCut - Scene 400 - Han Solo and Luke SkyWalker stop-motion:

Star Wars Uncut - Scene 400 from r2witco on Vimeo.

Star Wars Uncut - Scene 300 - on the Death Star:

Star Wars Uncut - Scene 300 from Alex Sense on Vimeo

The first Star Wars UnCut scene to be uploaded - Jawa's:

Star Wars Uncut - Scene 043 from Rene Walter on Vimeo.

This is a great example of 'remix culture' and whilst this is clearly this is some sort of personal project rather than brand endorsed marketing activity, it's an interesting example of how if you have a good idea and can provide the tools to participate, internet users will respond. (Also Star Wars UnCut was not promoted, the response has all been generated by Word Of Mouth and demonstrates how quickly messages can be amplified online.)

Keep up to date with news by following the Star Wars UnCut blog at

Hat tip @BBHlabs

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